President Trump recently suggested diverting billions of dollars in Disaster Relief funds already appropriated to Puerto Rico, California, Florida and Texas for ongoing disaster relief efforts by declaring a state of emergency to fund his wall.

If President Trump diverts $2.5 billion dollars from disaster relief efforts in Puerto Rico our recovery will be immediately impacted on the island. As much of the post-hurricane funds previously appropriated toward disaster relief in Puerto Rico have yet to be dispersed — this would mean that an already slow and underfunded recovery effort along with vital disaster relief efforts could come to a halt due to a lack of funding. This would have catastrophic consequences on Americans in Puerto Rico negatively effecting both the ongoing physical and economic recovery on our island.

We've drawn a red line and are petitioning President Trump to keep hands off our disaster relief funds. Join us in signing and sharing our petition below with your friends and family. 


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President Trump, 

We the people are demanding that you not attempt to divert vital disaster relief funds already allocated to Puerto Rico, Florida, California and Texas. As much of the disaster relief funds for Puerto Rico have yet to be dispersed for ongoing and other necessary disaster relief projects this would have a direct, catastrophic and immediate impact on our island's recovery.

We the undersigned have drawn a line in the sand. We strongly encourage you not to cross it or test our resolve towards protecting the future and people of our island. The $2.5 billion in allocated disaster relief funds must be immediately dispersed and made available to our island without further delay. Any attempt to divert or siphon funds from these ongoing and future relief efforts will not be tolerated, overlooked or forgotten. 

Progress Puerto Rico

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