This Friday - Saturday (September 20-21) join us in lighting a candle in remembrance of the lives lost and our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico on the anniversary of Hurricane Maria making landfall on the island. We will join together at sundown for a Digital Vigil for those who wish to join us online using the hastags #RecuerdaMaria #UnAñoDespués

  1. Invite your friends/family to join you in lighting a candle in remembrance.
  2. Take a silent moment for personal reflection to honor the lives lost + all who suffered.
  3. Light your candle and place it in a safe, heat resistant location near a window.
  4. Take a photo + share with friends/family online using #RecuerdaMaria

On Monday (September 23rd) we will join together in taking action, make sure you sign up now to be a part of our #RecuerdaMaria Day of Action


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